2017 AHSAE Award Winners

Best of Show

Clara Bensimon
Riverwood International Charter High School Junior
pen and ink
Dana Munson, instructor 

  • Best of Show:  Clara Bensimon, "Elephant," Riverwood International Charter High School Junior, Dana Munson instructor
  • 2nd Place: Rina Yoo, "Invisible Barrier," Lambert High School Sophomore, Kim D'Allen instructor
  • 3rd Place: Whitney Davis, "The Long Goodbye," Roswell High School Senior, Travis Carr instructor
  • 4th Place: Lina Chitadze, "Lonely Street," Chamblee Charter High School Junior, Lisa Guyton instructor
  • 5th Place: Mika Muta, "70's Feel," Milton High School Senior, Heather Meyer instructor 
  • 6th Place: Amos Kang, "Blindness," Lassiter High School Senior, Suzette Spinelli instructor
  • 7th Place: Matthew Spencer, "A Fishing Village," Holy Spirit Preparatory School Junior, Rockie Rondeau instructor
  • 8th Place: Anna Lee, "Cell," Woodward Academy Junior, Chris Greenway instructor

  • Best Art Department
  • Congratulations to the 2017 Best ArtDepartment, Kim D'Allen from Lambert High School
    This award is given to one submitting school each year by the AHSAE, sponsored by the Center for Puppetry Arts.  This award "recognizes a school and instructors who successfully nurture students' enthusiasm for art, consistently produce strong work, encourage good craftsmanship and presentation and offer a professional role model for students considering art as a career path."
    Jeff Domke of the Center for Puppetry Arts will visit Brookwood High School with a performance this spring.

Second Place

Invisible Barrier
Rina Yoo
Lambert High School Sophomore
acrylic on canvas
Kim D'Allen, instructor

  • Honorable Mention artworks, in no particular order:
  • -Jodi Enders, "Self-Portrait, Alter-Ego," Alpharetta High School Senior, Kendra McGill instructor
  • -Isra Quadri, "Stephanie," Atlanta Girls' School Junior, Susan Joss instructor
  • -June Lee, "Alter Ego," Lambert High School Senior, Kim D'Allen instructor
  • -Emily Zhang, "Mahjong Players," Lambert High School Sophomore, Kim D'Allen instructor
  • -Sophie Baez, "New York State of Mind," Milton High School Senior, Heather Meyer instructor
  • -Kyra Ehle, "Electric Feel," North Gwinnett High School Sophomore, Yvette Kim instructor
  • -Kai Gee, "Self Portrait," Paideia School Senior, Madeleine Soloway instructor
  • -Kaiya Plagenhoef, "Band of Brothers," Walton High school Junior, Kathleen Petka instructor

  • Congratulations to the 143 art students from around Atlanta who created artwork for the exhibition in the 81st Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park, April 7-9, 2017.

Past Events

Art Institute of Atlanta

Art Institute of Atlanta (Dunwoody) events and exhibits.  This spring, March of 2018, Ai Atlanta will again sponsor an award event and display 40 pieces of AHSAE work for the weeks prior to the festival.

OUMA, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art

OUMA has displayed AHSAE winners for years.  In 2015 OUMA hosted an AHSAE Best of Show Retrospective, displaying 7 years of Bests from as far back as 1974.

Watkins College of Art

Participating from Nashville, Tennessee, Watkins has donated tuition scholarships for a decade.