2018 AHSAE Award Winners and Peoples' Choice


Best of Show

Growing Apart
Alan Barrett
Roswell  High School
Travis Carr, instructor 

  • Best of Show:  Alan Barrett, "Growing Apart," Roswell High School, Travis Carr instructor
  • 2nd Place: Nathanael Surgbally, "Pockets, Are There Too Many?" New Manchester High School, Ashley Houlihan instructor
  • 3rd Place: Alex Ledbetter, "I & Myself," North Atlanta High School, Rachael Fleming instructor
  • 4th Place: Keara Walsh, "Close Relations," Milton High School, Drew Brown instructor
  • 5th Place: Julia Tang, "Untitled," Forsyth High School, Amy Holland instructor 
  • 6th Place: Hannah Kepner, "Head in the Clouds," Milton High School, Heather Meyer instructor
  • 7th Place: Alana Merman-Bunnell, "Kirwanyi," Paideia School, Madeleine Soloway instructor
  • 8th Place: Ana Gonzalez, "Columbiana," Norcross High School, Angela Cronon instructor
  • 9th Place:  Cecilia Zabala, “He Does it Because He Likes You,” North Springs Charter High School, Lauren Dellaria, Instructor
  • 10th Place:  Jack Li, “Turbulence”
    Brookwood High School, Elizabeth Debban, Instructor

    Best Art Department:  Milton High School
  • Congratulations to the 2018 Best Art Department, Drew Brown and Heather Meyer from Milton High School.
    This award is given to one submitting school each year by the AHSAE, sponsored by the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning. This award "recognizes a school and instructors who successfully nurture students' enthusiasm for art, consistently produce strong work, encourage good craftsmanship and presentation and offer a professional role model for students considering art as a career path."


Second Place

Pockets, Are There Too Many?
Nathanael Surgbally
New Manchester High School
Ashley Houlihan, instructor

Honorable Mention artworks, in no particular order:

  • Vanessa Saad, “Working Out Ideas,” Brookwood High School, Chris Vigardt, Instructor
  • Ian Harmon, “To My Coy Mistress,” Brookwood High School, Chris Vigardt, Instructor
  • Nick Williams, “Self-portrait,” Druid Hills High School, Noelle Petersen, Instructor
  • Emma Rohwer, “Spiral Suspension,” Milton High School, Heather Meyer, Instructor
  • Abby Burnett, “The Stranger,” Milton High School, Drew Brown, Instructor
  • Rebekah Ressler, “Tell Me How You Really Feel,” Norcross High School, Angela Cronon, Instructor
  • Lilly Bencich, “Bloody Gauze,” Paideia School, Holly White, Instructor
  • Camryn Bossinas, “String Theory,” Roswell High School, Travis Carr, Instructor
  • Pamela Turley, “Religion,” Union Grove High School, Laura Coleman Owen, Instructor
  • Albert Zhang, “Urban Jungle,” Westminster School, Ben Steele, Instructor

  • Congratulations to the 143 art students from around Atlanta who created artwork for the exhibition in the 82nd Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park, April 10-12, 2018.

People's Choice Award 2018

2018 People's Choice Award

Julia Tang, "Untitled," South Forsyth High School, Amy Holland instructor.


Peoples' Choice Runner-Up

Grace Murphy, "Bordeaux," Lassiter High School, Suzette Spinelli instructor.


Past Events

Art Institute of Atlanta

Art Institute of Atlanta (Dunwoody) events and exhibits.  This spring, March of 2018, Ai Atlanta will again sponsor an award event and display 40 pieces of AHSAE work for the weeks prior to the festival.

OUMA, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art

OUMA has displayed AHSAE winners for years.  In 2015 OUMA hosted an AHSAE Best of Show Retrospective, displaying 7 years of Bests from as far back as 1974.

Watkins College of Art

Participating from Nashville, Tennessee, Watkins has donated tuition scholarships for a decade.